Apple computer painted by Emily Kngwarreye

Emily starts to paint an Apple computerBy Fred Torres.

Over the years you come across many unusual requests from clients asking if they can commission the artist to paint various items. This one is no exception to the fact. In 1995 a collector of Emily’s work took advantage of the knowledge that Emily Kngwarreye had come to Adelaide to paint in a workshop at DACOU. He came into the gallery and asked if Emily could paint a very special Apple Mac computer. This computer was one of the first to hit the commercial market and had been signed by the leaders of the Apple Mac corporation. Although Emily didn’t understand why anyone would want such a strange object painted, she welcomed the commission that she gained from it. In the beginning the task at hand had been challenging because of the hard surface of the material. Keeping the paint brush in the position where Emily wanted it looked like a problem as the paint brush and paint was sliding too quickly along the slippery surface. After several attempts I could see that she had it all under control. The finished product looked quite amazing and was sealed afterward to keep it protected. I lost track of where this computer ended up but hope one day to come across it again.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of this painted computer we would be glad to know.

Emily Kame Kngwarreye is Australia’s most important and famous female artist. Hailed as a modernist ‘genius’, she has been compared to Rothko and de Kooning. An Anmatyerre elder from Utopia in the remote central desert region of the Northern Territory, Emily first took up painting on canvas in her late 70's. She quickly became one of the leaders in the contemporary Aboriginal art movement, transforming her style several times during her short career of eight years. Today she is known as one of the greatest abstract painters of the 20th century.

Article taken from the book- Emily Kame Kngwarreye: the Person and her Paintings that currently retails for $60.00.

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